Haigh Australia Talks Markinson Enterprise Mobility at Tablet Wars


With media tablet sales exploding, AIMIA together with Oomph hosted their second sell out Tablet Wars event in Sydney this month. Aimed at investigating the remarkable growth of mobile technology, Tablet Wars promotes recent case studies of mobile solution success and identify future trends for mobile business technology.

After receiving some great press in The Australian last month for integrating Enterprise Mobile solutions within their sales and customer service processes, long time Markinson customer, Haigh Australia, was the perfect fit to present their experience.

Haigh Assistant Manager, Wendy La Macchia was the guest speaker and presented the audience with a real world account of how mobile technology has radically changed the way frontline sales staff do business.

"Traditionally, our sales staff has always travelled with product catalogues, price lists and printed material and relied on having a laptop and connecting to Wi-Fi to read their email maybe once a day," she says.

With such a dynamic product range, keeping abreast of accurate and up-to-date product and price details was a challenge and invoicing had to wait until a sales representative got back to the office or sent a fax to head office.

In collaboration with Markinson, Haigh sought to deliver the same functionality from their ERP Solution, MomentumPro, for a mobile environment. This led to the roll out of Markinson’s Enterprise Mobility, featuring a fast-entry screen and ensuring sales staff have anytime, anywhere access to the company's enterprise applications.

Today, sales staff have immediate visibility to product in stock, customer pricing and the ability to transfer this information on the road into simpler, faster and more efficient sales.

"The biggest benefit that they (sales staff) can see is that they have all the information there," Ms La Macchia says. "They can see what the customer has bought, they can see what their price is and they can see what their account status is, and use a sales diary to write notes."

She says having product catalogues, brochures and price lists available for customers to view on an iPad saved on printing and postage costs and that Haigh received Return On Investment out of profit in just six weeks.


Used manual sales methods that made it difficult to keep pace with stock and price changes. It also needed to improve customer service and productivity.


Markinson Business Solutions' enterprise mobility product.


Ensures anytime, anywhere access to the company's enterprise applications for sales staff. Improved customer service, productivity and efficiency as well as cut costs on printing and postage.