Markinson and ANZIIF: Transforming Relationships Together


The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) is the Asia-Pacific region’s leading provider of education, training and professional development services to the insurance and financial services industries. With more than 15,000 members across 30 countries, the Institute offers a range of educational and training products, compliance solutions and industry workshops for the benefit of individuals, organisations and the insurance and finance sectors as a whole.

To boost its efficiency and effectiveness, ANZIIF decided to develop its own CRM. After investigating the pros and cons of various platforms, ANZIIF selected Sage SalesLogix as the most appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for their business.

Having chosen a base platform, ANZIIF went in search of specialist help. Markinson quickly emerged as the logical choice.

In close consultation with ANZIIF, Markinson developed a new CRM solution for the Institute over a period of 18 months, primarily through the work of an on-site development team. “The professional way in which Markinson embedded themselves within our organisation and familiarised themselves with our processes had a real bearing on the end result,” says Davies.

Davies cites Markinson as an ideal development partner, growing with ANZIIF over a long period of time and assisting with implementation, training and support programs. “We fully endorse Markinson’s CRM credentials,” Davies says. “We would – and indeed we have on several occasions – recommend their services to any business searching for CRM expertise. “With Sage SalesLogix and Markinson, we’ve designed a unique and comprehensive CRM solution for our requirements,” Davies concludes. “Not only has it transformed our business operations and customer relationships, but in many cases it’s improved the quality of the products we serve as well.”