Markinson and Orb Communications, taking communication to the next level


Orb Communications is New Zealand’s leading network of independently owned and operated telecommunications retailers, with more than 40 stores independently owned by 24 shareholders nationwide. A dealer for the Telecom network, Orb delivers expert mobile, broadband and fixed-line services to a diverse range of clients, including retail customers, SMEs and some of New Zealand’s largest corporations.

To deliver the levels of service that customers were expecting, Orb needed a comprehensive CRM system that could provide an instant, at-a-glance picture of a customer and their services. Armed with a detailed list of requirements, Orb began to investigate potential vendors, selecting Markinson. “Whomever we partnered with needed to be able to understand our business practices and create a CRM solution to fit,” says Evans. “We chose Markinson for their CRM specific experience and proven customisation expertise across a wide range of industries.”

Now live and running nationally across Orb’s operations, Evans says that the CRM solution provided by Markinson has been a unqualified success, providing the company with instantly accessible information and insight into its customers while ramping up its ability to serve them. About his experience with Markinson, Evans says that the company has been fantastic.

“Throughout the project Markinson have delivered on what they’ve promised,” he declares. “Their approach has been professional, dedicated and honest. He adds, “They’ve really invested time in getting to understand our end-to-end business requirements and delivered a solution that is tailored to our needs.”