Mekolec rolls out MomentumPro on time and under budget



Melbourne-based electrical wholesaler, Mekolec, recently announced the roll out of MomentumPro across its business. Previously using a warehouse-based system, General Manager, John O'Neil, says that the previous system had restricted what Mekolec was able to do.

“We had an old system that was warehouse-based and had been passed down by one software company to another,” O’Neil said. “Every time we wanted to put a new module on it became obvious that we needed something different.”

The company, which has some 18 staff and one person that looks after IT, was pushed into upgrading its ERP system after its customers demanded the ability to integrate online catalogue functionality.

“It came by necessity because two of our biggest clients insisted on online ordering facility that includes a webpage where we show pictures of the products available,” he said.

After looking at a number of other options and speaking to other electrical wholesalers about what kinds of system they use, O’Neil said Mekolec chose to deploy Markinson’s MomentumPro.

“Six companies in our industry already had the MomentumPro system, so I did a bit of research and found that the support system was pretty good and easy to operate,” he said.

The system was rolled out over six months and implemented by July. The project installed on time and to budget.

“I was concerned about the cost of it because IT and software is an intangible thing and isn’t clearly defined,” O’Neil said. “It is just a better system and we’ve found it much easier to use than our previous system with the main facility is easier to operate."