Shifting Gear to Stay Ahead


Having shaken off the shackles that was the GFC, the Australian automotive sector is set for a resurgence. New data released from Datamonitor points to growth in the global automotive aftermarket, with the value of the sector forecast to grow by 8.8 percent from 2009 to 2013.

With the potential to experience rapid growth in size, revenue and complexity over the next few years, having the right systems in place to maximise this opportunity is critical to ensure costs are minimised and profit expectations are sustained.

Top Five Technologies for Automotive Businesses

Whiting suggests businesses operating in the Automotive sector may like to consider the following solutions to help them to better manage operations, strengthen relationships, streamline processes and improve delivery.

1. Enterprise Management

Provides businesses with a single platform to manage and monitor sales, service, marketing, finance, inventory, customer orders, and procurement.

2. Mobility

Using smart-phone or tablet-based extensions to corporate applications helps increase employee efficiency and responsiveness.

3. Relationship Management

Offers ways to automate and track sales, marketing and customer service processes to facilitate customer expansion and retention.

4. Business Process Management

Takes your data and uses it to automate crucial, everyday tasks. This in turn mitigates error, and frees up your employees’ time to add value to your business.

5. Business Intelligence

Given the overwhelming amount of data within your business, BI tools can elevate you from the depths of the details, to a higher operating level where you can add strategic value to your organisation.