A&B Seals is a regionally based supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, and o-rings to a wide variety of industries throughout Australia. Established in 1995, proprietors Allan and Bette Turner grew their business rapidly. Within the first twelve months of operation, it was clear that a wholesale distribution system would need to be implemented to handle soaring numbers of customers, product lines and suppliers. It was at this early stage that A&B Seals began their long-standing partnership with Markinson.

“Our business is built on supplying specialist products to a niche market. In order to do this well we need to be able to call upon a broad range of suppliers, and view product lines, pricing and stock availability at the touch of a button,” says Mr Turner. 

“Whilst this functionality was at the top of our list, we wanted a package that could do it all. We needed a system that could run the business, from purchasing to sales through to invoicing and reporting. Markinson provided a solution that met all of our criteria, enabling us to achieve a consistent annual growth rate of 20 - 25% with the same level of staff.”

The solution came in the form of a customised MomentumPro package, tailored to meet the objectives of both the day-to-day operations, and the longer-term strategies of A&B Seals. “We looked at our options and even trialed another program at the time. It in no way matched the superiority of MomentumPro,” Mr Turner says, “the decision was easy after that.”

The implementation of MomentumPro back in 1995 gave A&B Seals the tools to accommodate the massive growth that was to follow. Over the following five years the business achieved an average annual growth rate of 20-25 percent.

Today, nearly 15 years later, Mr Turner attributes their decision to work with Markinson as a turning point in the growth of their business. “MomentumPro has allowed us to keep growing with our current level of staff whereas, if we didn’t have all the functionality that is in MomentumPro, it would not have been possible,” he says.

Over the years, the relationship between A&B Seals and Markinson has gone from strength to strength. “Markinson employ top quality staff. They are flexible, they listen to ideas and they are open to improvements.”

Mr Turner says, “We are more than happy with the quality of the product and the support. All in all it adds up to a really comfortable working relationship.”

“We have always recommended Markinson, and know that we made the right decision from the beginning. It has saved us a lot of time and money down the line.

“MomentumPro has definitely been well worth the investment we have made.”