7 Features to look for in a Retail Management System

From loyalty programs to mix ‘n’ match promotions, these clever features can give retailers the edge over their competitors.

Many people think of Point of Sale (POS) systems as a cash register for ringing up sales. A feature-rich solution, such as Shopkeeper, is more than just a robust POS solution but a fully integrated retail management system that can provide a genuine omni-channel experience for customers.

Here are 7 key features of great retail management systems that can improve the customer buying experience and help retailers maximise profits.

Loyalty Programs

Rewarding customers for their loyalty can be a great marketing tool. POS systems make the administration of rewards programs easy by keeping track of loyalty earned and redemption.


The ability to check inventory from a mobile device means you can stay with the customer.


While many POS systems have built in reporting features, dashboards can put the key figures in front of your face. Real-time performance data can be used to optimise trading, inventory allocation and staffing.

Online Commerce

Adding an online store doesn’t have to be complicated. A full featured POS system typically has an add-on module or relevant plug-ins that lets you set up an online store easily.

Cross Sell/Upsell

One of the best and easiest ways to increase revenue is to sell more to your existing customers. A great feature of POS systems is its ability to bring up related products during a transaction allowing sales staff to make appropriate recommendations to the customer. Great for customer service and for the bottom line!

Mix ‘n Match Promotions

Multi item promotions is another marketing tool that lets retailers create unique pricing offers for customers.

Multiple/Split Tender

Give your customers flexible payment choices by allowing them to pay for one traction using multiple tenders (cash, credit card, vouchers).