Automating Workflow and Business Process Management

Are there any processes you want to automate?

We’ve recently implemented another business process management (BPM) solution for one of our long-standing retail customers.  The implementation included:

  • A list of all backorders sent to a specified email address nightly 
  • An alert triggered and email sent to customer when they are within $100.00 of their credit limit
  • An alert triggered and email sent to internal email address when there is any change to a customer’s credit limit
  • An alert triggered and an email sent to internal staff as notification if a sales order is created and an account has no credit limit, and an email is sent to the customer asking them to make contact immediately to organise payment.

We now have an extensive library of existing automated workflows and alerts that proactively allow you to manage your business by exception. If you would like to learn more about how automated workflows can improve efficiency in your business, contact Markinson today.