Cloud Computing - The Way of the Future for Australian Businesses

The cloud is the one of the fastest growing areas of e-business. But despite its popularity, many managers still do not fully understand what cloud computing is or what advantages it can offer their business. 

Cloud computing is the delivery of business process management tools as software services over a shared network. Put simply, it lets you access your business’ virtual server at any time, from anywhere, using the Internet. It’s like having your own data centre with storage and computing power that expands and contracts with your business’ individual needs. 

This provides a business solution that is more cost-effective, flexible and easier to use than deploying your own, physical IT infrastructure on site.  By eliminating capital expenditures on hardware and software, you only pay for what you use. What’s more, it allows user access to the latest software without the need to manage patching and maintenance.

It’s quite likely you’ve already had experience with some form of cloud computing. If you’ve ever used online banking or a web-based email service like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, where you log into your email via a web browser rather than a program on your computer, you’ve used the cloud.

There are numerous business applications for cloud computing. With cloud, tapping into the benefits of mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS) has never been easier. These innovations allow you to share applications with thousands of users in an instant and make real-time informed decisions about your business processes. 

Cloud computing also enables financial management and ERP solutions to integrate with your entire sales and service processes.  It provides businesses with capabilities such as anywhere, anytime access to real-time reporting, contact details, sales figures, inventory information, order tracking and financial management. These capabilities give sales personnel and account managers everything they need to connect with customers and cut administration time, meaning they have more time to work directly with the customer.

Cloud is a powerful, high-performance and future-proof tool for your business. It’s never been easier to tap into the power of business analytics, whether you need to collaborate with a small team or deliver information to thousands.