Mark Clearwater, Chief Executive Officer

Mark is Chief Executive Officer of Markinson Business Solutions, a leading provider of business software solutions to mid-market manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the Asia-Pacific region.  Mark joined Markinson in 2015 leading the business development team in delivering significant growth in solutions, focus and market footprint.  Mark’s contributions to the management team and passion for delivering customer value lead to his appointment as CEO in July 2018, assuming full management responsibility for the execution of Markinson’s vision: Customer Focused, People Inspired.

Mark brings over 2 decades of business software solutions experience to Markinson, having previously held leadership roles in the financial services, regulatory and health sectors.  Mark has a track record of leading accelerated growth, sustainability and change to maximise customer value.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Information Technology, as well as an MBA from Melbourne University with studies at leading business schools in Germany and Chicago, and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders.



Toni van Heerden, Chief Operating Officer

Toni joined Markinson in March 2020, and is responsible for overseeing the project delivery, operations, customer care and contract functions across the full suite of Markinson products.  Toni brings with her over 20 years of experience in operations management, program management, consultancy and solutions architecture, including over 10 years as Operations Manager across ERP, CRM and BI products for Sage. 

Toni’s career demonstrates a customer-centric approach to business operations, and a genuine understanding of the challenges our customers face, and how technology can be leveraged to solve them.

 She believes that in order to achieve the extraordinary, we need to challenge ourselves and explore new opportunities. She does this through participating in extreme outdoor adventures and through these she is able to share this drive to having a growth mindset with the team she works with. She believes shared experiences build comradery, enabling teams to bond together, respect each other and value the diverse contributions everyone brings.

Toni’s experience, focus and leadership will deliver ongoing value to our customers as we seek to continually approve our customer engagement and service, and she looks forward to engaging with you in the months and years ahead.

 Jodi B +W

Jodi Lyons, Head of Business Development

Jodi is an experienced B2B professional and leader, with a background across a range of industries and software solution suites.  She is passionate about strategic relationships, people and solutions.

Joining Markinson in 2016, Jodi has been instrumental in Markinsons renewed focus on its core vision ~ customer focused, people inspired.

Leveraging her ability to build strong relationships and bottom-line results, Jodi works closely with customers, industry and partners alike to ensure mutual benefit and growth.

Jodi holds a degree in Commerce from the University of Otago and regularly engages in personal and professional development activities and events.