About Cetnaj Lighting, Electrical & Data

Cetnaj Lighting & Electrical is a 100% Australian owned company and a leader in the electrical wholesale and lighting industry. Established in 1976 with one outlet, Cetnaj has now grown to over 40 outlets following impressive growth in recent years.

Employing over 250 people in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand, Cetnaj supplies a wide range of electrical equipment to electrical contractors, major industries, builders, government bodies and supply authorities, and has relied on the MomentumPro enterprise solution for over 14 years.

Focusing on customer service

With over 100,000 products from over 600 manufacturers and importers being sold to wholesale and retail customers, Cetnaj needed a computer system that provided excellent inventory management.

Tony Cuffe, Operations Manager at Cetnaj says,

“Our customers work hard to stay on-top and expect solutions. That is the service part of what we do at Cetnaj and is one of the strengths of our company. Customer loyalty these days is a scarce commodity. What keeps customers buying from you is how hard or easy it is to do business with you. If doing business with us is a good experience, customers will come back. To make it a good experience, you need a good product in the back office that helps pull the whole thing together."

Delivering a great user experience

“We also feel a computer system is a vital tool that staff use. The system can be the difference between maintaining and losing staff. They feel inadequate and frustrated if the system isn’t working as it should. You have to keep staff as happy as customers, so the tool needs to work well."

Finger on the pulse

“Computerising your business is a long term investment. We looked at the benefits for our customers, and importantly, the benefits for our business. For us, the biggest potential benefits were streamlining business processes, having our finger on the pulse and being able to turn each month around.”

“We short listed two products before deciding on MomentumPro. The two reasons we went with MomentumPro were the professionalism of Markinson and the fact that MomentumPro is built on Progress”, says Cuffe. Progress Software is a world class relational database engine.

“The pricing system in MomentumPro is excellent. We can develop trade discounts customer by customer. This allows us to drill down and control the Gross Profit at a customer level. Most systems we’ve seen only let you control this at a group level. This functionality has definitely improved our Gross Profit overall. MomentumPro also allows you to customise pricing schedules for individual customers, ensuring flexibility in the way you can do business.

The biggest benefit of using MomentumPro from an inventory point of view is that all stock is trackable, traceable and chargeable,” says Cuffe.

"There is no doubt that we have streamlined our business processes, in addition to achieving an increase in productivity since operating MomentumPro. Cetnaj uses all the facets of MomentumPro, and MomentumPro is a good product for our business. We have a healthy partnership with Markinson that works well for us.”

MomentumPro contains one of the most comprehensive stock control systems on the market today. Inventory is one of the largest assets on the balance sheet and controlling this asset is vital to the success of any business.

Cetnaj achieved many inventory benefits, according to Cuffe. “We have the ability to track specialised products for our customers. We know where our stock is. If a branch needs a product, it can find it in another branch without picking up the phone.” MomentumPro has the ability to provide business critical information across many locations.

“MomentumPro is a great tool for keeping inventory values down. We have been able to decrease the value of inventory while still keeping our extensive product range, and that’s all extra dollars on the bottom line. We have also found stocktakes have improved with MomentumPro,” says Cuffe.

“We often get a customer who wants a particular item now, end of story. You need to work out where to get it from, how much it will cost and when we can get it,” says Cuffe. MomentumPro provides real-time information to users, which allows staff to provide customers with the information they require immediately.

“We really can have our finger on the pulse of our business. With the figures we get from MomentumPro, we are able to determine which areas we need to improve each month, inventory levels we need, cash flow levels and upcoming expenses. This allows us to closely monitor our cash flow, which is the day to day operating fund of any business”, says Cuffe.