The situation

Cetnaj Lighting, Electrical & Data is an Australian company and a leader in the electrical wholesale and retail lighting industry. Established in 1976, Cetnaj employs over 300 staff and services electrical contractors, major builders, government bodies as well as the general public.

In 1998, Markinson Business Software Solutions started working with Cetnaj to overhaul their IT systems. MomentumPro was implemented as Cetnaj’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, supporting the company’s key strategic goals of streamlining business processes, improving inventory control and ultimately improving profitability for the company.

Gareth Young, IT Manager for Cetnaj says, "MomentumPro is the engine behind our business and it has proven to be a robust application offering powerful features. With over 100,000 products from 600+ manufacturers being sold from over 40 Cetnaj stores throughout the nation, MomentumPro is critical to achieving end-to-end visibility into and control over business processes."

Business operations under the spotlight

Young explains:

"In the electrical and lighting industry, agility and timely response to changing market conditions is a necessity. Today, customers are more perceptive and demand cycles are increasingly volatile. Stock needs to move from the manufacturer to customers in record times. As goalposts are continually shifting, we need to constantly look for new ways to achieve customer satisfaction and business process improvement."

Young adds, "A real challenge to our business was navigating the endless reports, extracting the important information and ensuring the right people get the correct information so they can respond smarter and faster to these industry pressures."

Shedding new light

Addressing the need for improved business processes, Markinson introduced Cetnaj to TaskCentre - a powerful business process management tool that would help the company automate and manage critical business processes. Specifically, TaskCentre would help Cetnaj:

  1. Automate repetitive and manual tasks that were taking up valuable staff time.
  2. Improve visibility into the business with automated real-time insights delivered to the right people.
  3. Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction through timely and relevant communications to customers.

Since TaskCentre was implemented, Young has emphasised the unlimited opportunities of having business process automation functionality in place along with the ease of implementation and integration with MomentumPro.

According to Young, "TaskCentre integrates beautifully with MomentumPro and allows us to leverage the wealth of data within our MomentumPro system. We literally had TaskCentre deployed in minutes!” Young adds, “With assistance from Markinson’s consultants, setting up automated workflows also proved to be a smooth process."

Glowing results with TaskCentre

Immediate benefits were realised following the implementation of TaskCentre. With ten automated tasks set up initially, Markinson demonstrated very quickly the power of business process management tools within Cetnaj’s operations.

"Right through the Cetnaj business, we have seen improvements," says Young. "One significant area of improvement directly impacts our bottom line profits. We now have automated alerts that give management real-time insights into the gross profit on specific sales. This transparency helps protect our margins."

"I am also impressed with how TaskCentre effectively manages our customer loyalty program communications. The Cetnaj Club is a rewards program that awards customers with points for their purchases. The program is a very successful initiative at Cetnaj and we wanted to offer our customers the ability to check up-to-the-minute balance of reward points information. We investigated several solutions and found by setting up a TaskCentre workflow, we had a solution implemented within hours. Now our customers can submit a request through our website and almost instantaneously receive an automated email with their reward points information. This has greatly improved customer satisfaction, eliminated the need for printed statements as well as reduced phone enquiries by roughly 90%."

"Efficiencies have also flowed through to the way new account customers receive their welcome pack. Traditionally, we issued paper-based welcome packs to new account customers. These packs were time-consuming to assemble and would take days to reach the customer by post. Now, with a single automated task, new account customers receive their welcome pack electronically. The timeliness of the welcome pack makes a great first impression and is also effective in nurturing relationships with our new customers."

Overall, general communications to customers have improved at Cetnaj. "Updates to customer contact information are directed to the marketing department automatically," says Young. "Alerts to notify staff of incomplete customer data also helps us stay proactive in maintaining our database. Even automated checks for data entry errors can be identified using TaskCentre. The array of automated tasks we can implement are virtually limitless."

Pleased with the impact that TaskCentre has had on the business, Young outlined his top three functionalities of TaskCentre.

According to Young:

"The three functionalities that have improved our operations are the SMTP trigger, the built-in repositories and the ability to export and deliver information in so many different formats."

Young says:

"TaskCentre has enabled us to automate a lot of menial tasks so staff can focus on more important and strategic goals to grow the business. Accurate information is available faster and is delivered to the right person in the organisation in a format that allows them to make quicker and smarter decisions. These are the biggest reasons I would recommend TaskCentre. The combination of the powerful querying engine, along with the flexible delivery options makes it a very powerful tool."

In the year ahead, Cetnaj is looking to add more automated workflows to their business processes along with upgrading its MomentumPro system to include more powerful functionality. Young adds, "I think the biggest plus with both of these applications is that the sky really is the limit."