For over 55 years, Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts has been supplying genuine and replacement truck parts to vehicle owners, operators and retailers throughout Australian and the South Pacific region. Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts also does Driveline, Differential and Gearbox repairs and servicing in their workshop.

Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts is an independent company that has achieved significant growth over the last 20 years in both distribution and servicing. The business stocks products from over 1000 different suppliers across their six locations.

The Situation

As a growing business, in 1989 Managing Director, Chris Gibbs could see the need for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to manage this growth and remain competitive.

“In the early years of the business, manual processes were common. Suppliers’ price lists were entered manually, and our ordering quantities were often calculated by guesswork,” says Gibbs.

As increasing quantities of products were being imported from overseas suppliers, there was also a need to better integrate this activity into the businesses’ accounting system.

The Solution

After considering a number of solutions, Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts decided to implement Markinson’s MomentumPro solution.

MomentumPro is ideal for multi-location businesses like Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts, as it has the ability to link a large network of branches in real-time. The system contains a comprehensive online multi-branch inventory system with advanced processing and reporting facilities.

Other functionality particularly matched Gibbs Truck &Trailer Parts’ needs.

MomentumPro’s re-order processing facility generates suggested order quantities based on intelligent re-order strategies for sales forecasts, demand and sales history and supplier lead times.

The Importing module fully integrates into Accounts Payable, and allows efficient shipment receipting and costing into local currency, saving hours of manual work. All shipment charges can be entered as invoices against the shipment. Pre-paid invoices can also be allocated to the shipment for accurate costing, allowing easy determination of accurate landed costs.

The Benefits

MomentumPro’s suite of financials has given Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts flexible and intelligent business reporting.

“There is an abundance of reports in MomentumPro. We can check the profitability of each branch if we need to. We can also print a profit and loss report at any time and know it gives an accurate snapshot of the business,” says Gibbs.

But it was the ability to manage products imported from overseas suppliers that really changed the way Gibbs Truck & Trailer Parts does business.

“The Importing module in MomentumPro is great. We were previously doing our importing manually. Now, once the stock is checked off, it takes about 30 seconds to receipt it,” says Gibbs.

“We do all our payments to overseas suppliers through the Importing module. It links into all the other financial modules so well. The exchange rates go straight into Accounts Payable from the Importing module.

“We use the full integration of the Importing module into the rest of MomentumPro.” Receipting of stock into inventory is totally automated once a shipment is costed. “The Importing module certainly makes importing easier and we can see from a reporting point of view what is coming in and when it will arrive,” says Gibbs.

“We also get a lot of advantage from the Pricing module in MomentumPro. It is an integral part of the purchasing side of our business.

“We load the electronic price lists from our suppliers into MomentumPro. These can be loaded from different formats, converted and manipulated, which saves us keying in all the prices manually.

“The reorder processing facility in MomentumPro is also excellent. We use the facility to calculate the suggested order quantities. Our staff quickly learnt not to alter the order report, and to trust the system’s accuracy.

“We find the Pricing module very good in helping us choose the best supplier for the products we carry. The Pricing module also allows us to update selling prices at any point in time.

“The staff at Markinson are very good. If there is ever an urgent issue or we need an answer on something, Markinson look after it straight away,” says Gibbs.

“When I compare MomentumPro to other software products, MomentumPro runs rings around them. The integration and auto-posting in MomentumPro makes a huge difference. It is a very comprehensive system that gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”