Established in 1921, John Sample Group (JSG) is an Australian-owned company that has continually introduced diverse new products and services to Australia. JSG is an importer and distributor of industrial products and motorcycles.

With three main companies under the JSG banner, John Sample Automotive, JSG Equipment Supplies and JSG Industrial Systems, the company has a presence throughout Australia and South East Asia.

John Sample Automotive is the sole Australian importer of motorcycle brands Aprilia and Moto Guzzi. JSG Industrial Systems is regarded as the market leader in the field of Centralised Lubrication and Material Dispensing, offering the right solutions to what are often complex and unforeseen problem areas.

“It was important for us to implement a system that allowed us to keep more information. The more information you have in the system, the more you can get out of it. Historical data is very important to the running of our business. We may need to look at a stock movement from three years ago and quickly drill down into an invoice or receipt,” says John Currao, Financial Controller. “On our previous system, any more than one year of historical data would slow the system down, reducing productivity. 

“We looked at eight products before deciding on MomentumPro”.

“We went with MomentumPro for a couple of reasons. MomentumPro had a better drill-down facility and the Importing module in MomentumPro was better than anything else we saw. Because we’re a big importer, this was extremely important”, says Currao.

“We went live with MomentumPro in April 1999. We use it for the bulk of our operations, including production and servicing. It was a big change from our previous system and there were a lot of good things that came from that change.

“We import mainly from the United States and Germany on the industrial side and the motorcycles are Italian. The Importing module in MomentumPro is very good. MomentumPro provides us with precise landed cost figures with different exchange rates and duty rates on all our shipments. It creates packing lists and automatically assigns all committed stock. The Importing module also gives you the flexibility of changing exchange rates,” says Currao.

“MomentumPro manages back-orders well. We used to do a lot of back order processing manually with our previous system. Before MomentumPro, when a shipment arrived, we would have to allocate it all manually. Now, stock stays committed to a customer from the time it is ordered.

“When it lands, the shipment gets receipted, a pick slip is produced, staff pick the product and it’s out the door. MomentumPro provided great improvements in this area and saved us hours and hours of work. Back-order fill rates have also improved.

“The inventory management of MomentumPro is also very good. We carry more than 10,000 product lines on the industrial side of the business alone. Our product lines are very diverse, including everything from washers and huge pumps to motorcycles. To manage our inventory, we use bin boxes for smaller items and racking for our larger lines,” says Currao.

Designed for industry, MomentumPro contains comprehensive online multi-branch inventory management with advanced processing and reporting facilities, and full incorporation of barcoding technologies that provide businesses with the ability to manage their inventory intelligently and efficiently.

“MomentumPro allows us to have full serial tracking of motorcycles, which is excellent. This is especially important in relation to spare parts for the bikes relating to warranty and recalls, if any. The relevant information is available to our staff in MomentumPro because it is all recorded,” says Currao.

MomentumPro has a powerful interactive reorder processing system that allows users to efficiently place orders without tedious reporting and re-entry methods. Order quantities are suggested, based on intelligent reorder strategies that include safety stock levels, sales forecasts, lead times, stock coverage, reorder point, demand and sales history and other trends.

“Fast access to information is important especially on the customer service side. The way MomentumPro is designed is good in terms of drilling into specific items,” says Currao.
MomentumPro provides extensive enquiry facilities covering all aspects of inventory, pricing, catalogue, customers, suppliers and orders.

“You can get more information more quickly in MomentumPro; that’s the beauty of the system. It all comes down to efficiency of time. You can do more in less time. Our customer service staff are able to tell a customer straight away if a product is in stock or when it will be available,” says Currao.

“Another major benefit of MomentumPro is that it is very reliable.” MomentumPro is built on Progress Software, which provides the reliability and scalability to ensure it constantly meets the growing needs of businesses. According to Currao, “MomentumPro provided us with many benefits over our previous system. It has streamlined a lot of areas within our business and is flexible in the way you do things. Importing is a key part of the operation of our business and MomentumPro has helped us greatly in this area.”