Having opened three stores in 2009 alone, Super Butcher is no stranger to the challenges that come with rapid expansion. The need for seamless internal efficiencies, including the provision of comprehensive inventory control and reporting for Head Office, were top priorities when Super Butcher began their partnership with Markinson in June 2009.

“Each of the Super Butcher stores were stand alone and not polling to Head Office, which required the manual entry of different prices and for each store,” says Warren Katipa of Super Butcher.

“Markinson’s Shopkeeper retail solution allows us to centralise this process, reduce data entry errors, keep better control of our inventory and greatly improve the quality of reports for faster and more informed decision making.”

“From Head Office, we can turnover prices for all stores within a few minutes – which used to take us hours,” he says, “Shopkeeper has also significantly reduced the time I used to spend generating our Sales and Gross Profit Margins; I can now do them in a quarter of the time it used to take.”

Whilst store polling to Head Office was a priority, speed, accuracy and ease of use of the Point of Sale terminals were also vital, as well as ensuring minimal training for a business that employs approximately 150 staff across five stores. 

Mr Katipa believes Shopkeeper has contributed considerably organisation’s bottom line since working directly with Markinson. “Through minimal downtime and staff training, the time saving Shopkeeper has delivered has been significant. Shopkeeper is a very user-friendly system and within just 1-2 days of use, our staff become POS experts.” he says.

In less than a year of working together, the relationship between Markinson and Super Butcher has established itself as open and collaborative. “Markinson’s level of support  to us is fantastic,” Mr Katipa says, “anytime we’ve needed them they’ve been very quick  to respond.”

The Markinson team is continuing to work with Super Butcher, with plans to open another two stores this year. Mr Kapita notes this ongoing commitment to Super Butcher as a major benefit of working with Markinson.

“Super Butcher has plans to open another 40 stores across Queensland within the next 5-10 years. Each store will require at least two POS terminals and we anticipate that Markinson will be a great contributor to the successful software configuration of each store.”