Industrial Products

With almost three decades of industry experience and customers who belong to associations such as Australian Industrial Supplies (AIS), Markinson understands what’s important to manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of industrial products.

As an industrial products supplier, your fate is tied to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. A major factor in the growth and long-term survival of your business is how well your system stays on top of industry best practices in the face of new and shifting challenges.

To remain competitive and support growth, your business processes need to efficiently manage workload, inventory and demand in a way that provides actual cost savings, while meeting your customers’ needs and expectations.

Markinson’s ERP solutions for industrial products wholesalers reduce complexity and costs through simplifying all operations.

Benefits for your business

  • Complete visibility of inventory to meet customer and market demands 
  • Manage backorder processing more efficiently and reduce manual processes
  • Make decisions in real-time through easy access to key performance indicators 
  • Agility to adjust pricing instantly across the entire organisation in response to increased supplier costs
  • Combat the threat of internet competition by improving your businesses’ online presence 
  • Automate credit control, reduce work load of accounts staff and increase speed of payments