BMS – Business Management Solution

What is Business Management Solution (BMS)

In an increasingly demanding business world, only state-of-the-art solutions can provide businesses with the necessary tools to improve productivity and enhance investment in the marketplace.

The solution

Markinson’s Business Management Solution, BMS, is one such solution. Managing every aspect of your business, BMS automates your processes and gives you visibility and control over your inventory, financial reporting, point-of-sale and customer/supplier information.

Increase efficiency and reduce errors

Utilising the latest technology and integration facilities, this flexible and advanced business management tool ensures transactions captured in one area of the software are fully accounted for in another, eliminating the risk of manual or overlapping processes that can cause lost or doubled-up data.

Enhance customer service

The BMS application not only meets the most demanding commercial requirements but is also flexible enough to ensure outstanding customer service. The service call tracking system can take service calls and assign technicians, while the load planning module works with the fleet management and order entry modules to coordinate the loading of delivery trucks by delivery area and drop off point.

Streamline inventory management

The sophisticated inventory management modules of the BMS system allows organisations to manage all inventory requirements, including planning, distribution, stock movements, pricing algorithms and full warehouse replenishment.

Ensure the integrity of your data

BMS ensures the integrity, consistency and security of your business data, while providing standards-based access using any SQL compatible tool.

Improve financial control

BMS enables businesses to exercise the highest level of financial control, providing timely information on demand, to facilitate planning and manage all facets of budgeting. The BMS general ledger gives your company the data it needs to ensure survival and help maintain competitive advantage.

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  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Control

    Allows management of all inventory requirements. Including the planning, distribution, stock movements, pricing algorithms and full warehousing replenishment.

    Purchase Order

    Allows for the purchasing cycle to be managed, ensuring the best price, fastest delivery and the most efficient operation practises; including supplier performance and shipment tracking.

    Warehouse Management

    Provides the ability to equip warehouses with the latest in Radio Frequency Portable Data Entry devices (RF PDEs) and has the benefit of real time data collection and space optimisation and stock take.

    Production Control

    Manages workshop activity. Information is recorded throughout the whole production process allowing businesses to better manage and record activity within a company. Managing production activity is now visible and transparent, workshops are provided instructions which are tracked, managed and measured by the business.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Order Entry

    Provides a system that is flexible enough to ensure outstanding customer service, whilst meeting the demands of an efficient distribution operation. Quotations and standing orders can also integrate easily with our online eCom ordering system.

    Account Management

    Handles all sales, marketing, merchandising and customer interactions. It also includes automated export and import to and from mobile solutions, including our own Sales Force Automation solution - SAM.

    Service Management

    Solves the problem of after-sales service. The integrated contract management facility removes the issues of accounting for the unearned income of pre-billed maintenance contracts. The service call tracking system takes service calls, assigns technicians, provides for strip downs, re-builds, log jobs, replacement parts and repairs either under warranty, under contract or on a fee for service basis.

    Sales Analysis

    An integrated transaction, enquiry and reporting solutions enabling access to historical data, for online analysis. This function allows the ability to view, consolidate, drill down, plot and report all key decision making data, knowing that it is based on up to the minute information.

    Load Planning

    Works with the fleet management and order entry modules to allow both automatic and manual loading of delivery trucks by delivery area and drop off point, up to each trucks defined capacity. Running manifests, picking up slips and invoices may also be produced.

  • Financial Management

    General Ledger

    Exercise business financial control, facilitate planning and manage all facets of budgeting. General Ledger gives your company the data it needs to ensure survival and help maintain a competitive advantage, by providing accurate and timely information at the touch of a button.

    Accounts Payable

    Provides ready access to a host of features to assist in managing cash flow by predicting funds availability, analysing expenditure, planning for the future, maintaining favourable supplier relationships, monitoring online payments
    and assisting in making the right financial commitment at the appropriate time.

    Job Costing

    Tracks actual costs against budget costs and forecasts the estimates to complete. Stock may be issued from inventory or may be purchased specifically for a certain job. Enquiries as to the budget, actual, committed and expected final costs are also instantly available.


    Provides comprehensive data entry features for capturing timesheets or card details, entering non-standard payments and for recording adjustments. The calculation facility caters for multiple pay groups, various payment frequencies and both wage and salary earners.

    Accounts Receivable

    Provides access to features which assist in regulating cash flow, debt collection, tracking and determining customer buying patterns, evaluating sales information and providing an unprecedented level of customer service. Invoices can be emailed, facilitating credit card and online payments.

    Fixed Asset

    Allows an organisation to record the purchase, depreciation and disposal of assets by branch or division. Multiple valuation and depreciation methods are also available, thus enabling full taxation compliance.

  • Financial Project Management

    Financial Project Management

    Track the financial progress of all projects (costs and sales) against forecasts. This module brings all transactions, relating to a project, together in one place to improve visibility and facilitate efficient analysis by both the project manager and finance staff.

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"We specialise in hazardous area products and as per government regulations, we need to keep track of where each part is going. We have to know the serial number of each item, where it was manufactured, when it was imported and where it was sent. We need to be able to track complete products and all their components.”

- Toshiba International Corporation Read More

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"For a small business, the BMS solution has a modular ERP product feature set that other vendors just don’t include. It is scalable, flexible and comes with the support of a company well versed in the needs of fast-growing companies."

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