Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

An effective mobile strategy is no longer something “nice to have” but is fast becoming a necessity for business growth. The next-generation workforce – as well as the workforce you already have – wants access to data and applications from anywhere, wants to collaborate with colleagues and customers easily, and wants to use tablet devices to do it.

Markinson Enterprise Mobility ensures 'anytime, anywhere' access to your enterprise applications. Offering a consistent user experience to our Enterprise Solution, MomentumPro, it enhances productivity to increase customer and employee satisfaction, improve partner and supplier collaboration and support faster, more effective business decision-making.

At Markinson, we understand the challenges and complexity involved in mobilising employees. To address these challenges, we use industry best practices based on over 25 years of industry experience to offer a strategic approach to implement mobile solutions to your business.

Working with customers across a variety of industries, we can implement enterprise mobility solutions across all tablet devices including iPad and Android tablets.

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  • Customer information

    Find a customer’s contact and delivery details whilst on the road, or confirm their financial status right in front of them with quick access to their account balance, available credit, previous invoices and their last payment.

  • Specific Customer Pricing

    Make sales offsite with pricing already customised to your customer.

  • Cross and Up-Sell Opportunities

    Promote slow moving or high profit margin stock with an instant promotional update to the home screen of your mobile reps tablet device.

  • Stock Availability

    View real-time availability of stock across all warehouses and stores.

  • Quick Search

    Search for product and sales orders with minimal detail and time through a fast entry link on the home screen.



Ever-present accessibility to MomentumPro on any tablet device, leading to increased productivity, better service delivery and ROI.


Improved service quality, shorter response-times to requests and increased reliability of services.


Timely access to critical information, when most needed. Improve sales team productivity by reducing “dead-time” whilst on the road. No need to wait to get back to the office; make sales in real time.


Better utilisation of enterprise resources, investment in solutions which are future-safe and cost effective deployment.

Rapid Deployment

Industry-specific templates customised to your business delivered in days, not weeks. 

Rapid ROI

Successful staff adoption rates to utilise software with ease and confidence.

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