What is MomentumPro?

MomentumPro is an enterprise-wide software solution for the mid-market wholesaler, designed to streamline, consolidate and automate key business functions.

Using MomentumPro gives businesses a single platform to manage and monitor sales, service, marketing, finance, inventory, customer orders, and procurement. 

Why MomentumPro?

Mid-sized businesses often operate a multitude of disparate systems. This can often provide an inaccurate view of performance and drive ill-informed decisions. MomentumPro brings together all levels of company data in real-time to deliver a single, credible information source on which to confidently base your strategic and operational decisions.

As MomentumPro is modular, it is easy to customise and configure through industry specific modules and capabilities. 

Enterprise Mobility

MomentumPro also provides the Enterprise Mobility web application for live access for sales reps and field staff to create quotes and sales orders outside of the office.

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  • Inventory Management


    Streamline and optimise your investment in inventory through the total visibility and management of stock movements to reduce costs, increases productivity and improve stock holding.

    Wireless Integration

    Undertake stocktakes, receipting, stock picking and on-floor inventory checks faster and more accurately through the integration of wireless technology within the warehouse environment.


    More effective inventory management and visibility through bar-coding or pick processing. This will manage warehousing, backorders and inventory strategies more effectively and increase staff productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. With Mobility Warehousing, businesses can obtain real-time accurate stock levels using Windows handheld scanners.

    Internal Distribution

    Benefit from exceptional stock control procedures through the management and transfer of stock between warehouses whilst providing an audit trail for internal transactions and post-transfer analysis.


    Locate, identify and report on vehicle part records including price, vehicle information and shipping container whilst remaining compliant with automotive legislation.

    Supplier Rebates

    Manage supplier rebates through automated and flexible functionality to optimise financial and business performance. Assess gross profit with rebate accountability and receive automated notification of due claims.

  • Financials

    Accounts Payable

    Improve cash flow and satisfaction whilst retaining control of creditor payments.

    General Ledger

    The ability to view, drill down, analyse and reconcile key financial information to drive more informed business decisions, identify new opportunities, and ensure compliance with tax requirements.

    Supplier Rebates

    Manage supplier rebates through automated and flexible functionality to optimise financial and business performance. Assess gross profit with rebate accountability and receive automated notification of due claims.

    Accounts Receivable

    Improve and track cash flow, better manage customer credit terms and invoicing.


    Make faster and more informed decisions through the integration and automation of banking activities ensuring full financial visibility and control.

  • Customer Management


    Capture, update and extract customer and prospect information for relevant and targeted marketing activities; driving sales conversions, revenue, retention and customer satisfaction.

    Sales Processing

    Increase the speed of your transaction processing for smooth customer experiences that will increase productivity, satisfaction and revenue.

    Returns Authority

    Manage, review and authorise customer returns providing a Credit Note or replacement, to save time and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Ecommerce


    Extend market reach and service customers more effectively through the integration of an online shopping application, allowing customers to easily browse and securely purchase products online 24 x 7 x 365.

  • Online Integration


    Increase responsiveness and customer and supplier satisfaction through the electronic transfer of business communications, eliminating double keying and excess paperwork.

    Electronic Document Management

    Automate and streamline the transfer of customised forms to reduce and manage print costs, increase satisfaction, and improve efficiency through customisable online templates.

    Data Import Suite

    Avoid tedious manual entry through the ability to import data from a variety of external sources into the MomentumPro system.

  • Business Management


    Apply, update, monitor and implement special pricing structures across a group of entities or individual business unit, by customer or by product.

    Foreign Currency Sales

    Buy and sell globally with ease, through the ability to receive and process customer sales using any foreign currency.


    Automate your quoting processes, and track service and current and historical jobs, while monitoring and reporting on the productivity of your staff.

  • Procurement


    Accurately manage and dissect the manufacturing process by monitoring and reporting predictions on customer demand and quantifying the cost of production at all levels.


    Trade globally without issue, through the close management of importing costs, order tracking and visibility to deliver better control of imported goods.


    Improve purchasing efficiency and product optimisation with automated demand-based, time-phased forecasting and paperless re-ordering capability.

  • Powered by Progress



    Powered by Progress Gray 


    MomentumPro is built on the robust Progress platform. Over 47,000 businesses in more than 175 countries run on the Progress OpenEdge platform.





Real time dynamic reporting and analysis capabilities provide a snapshot of business performance as and when you need it. By monitoring and tracking daily demand indicators, MomentumPro provides total visibility of the entire business cycle when you need it most. A powerful integrated reordering engine ensures you’re equipped, informed and reactive to business exceptions and market demands.


Often business operations contain disparate silos of people, information and systems. This misalignment can breed poor communication, misinformation and one-sided or departmentalised decisions. MomentumPro maximises organisational collaboration by capturing information on a single platform, managing it securely, and sharing it via a permission based system that ensures best practice is maintained and staff remain informed.


Easy to understand and fast to implement, MomentumPro adds value to every department. Decision automation improves productivity by improving team skills, information transparency drives productivity through faster and more accurate decision making, and sales and service capability builds stronger more rewarding relationships. Unifying your enterprise solution will help you to deliver more value in less time at greater margins.


The Markinson team work with you to identify, define, deliver and automate the unskilled daily tasks that take place in your organisation, freeing up skilled resources to focus on adding value instead of undertaking manual tasks. Streamlining business processes and introducing rule based decisions releases untapped levels of productivity, helping businesses to focus on building and sustaining a competitive edge rather than managing the day to day processes within it.


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Why businesses choose MomentumPro


"We wanted a solution where sales representatives could access prices for individual accounts, and search for products and place orders direct from a customer’s premises."

- Burson Automotive Read More

 abs logo    

“Being a large organisation with multiple sites, stock control is a mandatory in our business...Markinson worked with us to address this, implementing a customised MomentumPro workflow...” 

- ABS Read More

Norco logo cs    

“Today, the company can generate reports in seconds or minutes instead of hours and days. The time saved can be used to expand the business in other ways.”

- Norco Read More

GoElectrical Logo    

“We view MomentumPro as giving us a future proof platform and will allow us to easily introduce new applications in the future.” 

- Go Electrical Read More

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