What is Unibis?

Unibis is the answer to the most complex of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) problems. It is ideally suited to medium to large organisations who demand multi-company, branch, warehouse, and currency processing capabilities.

The Solution

The Unibis application is comprised of a set of fully-integrated software modules that provide enterprise-wide solutions to both business and government organisations. Each module can be implemented independently or in a vast number of configurations, depending upon the specifics of the organisation.

Designed to provide optimal processing power, scalability and performance for large transaction volumes, Unibis also provides the following features and benefits.

Powerful reporting

Unibis provides hundreds of standard Financial, Distribution and Manufacturing reports, which can be selectively included in each of the application menus. The report writing tool also facilitates extensive flexibility in the design and layout of reports, enabling you to customise reports for your individual business needs.

For more advanced reporting, purpose built, standard cubes are also available through our powerful Business Intelligence tools.

Rich drill and zoom enquiries

The Unibis enquiry facilities make it possible to drill from the highest level summary information right down to individual transactions, allowing management to always have immediate access to strategic information.
Unibis provides a future-proof direction with its n-tier client server / web enabled model. This is achieved through the use of the leading edge and proven Progress 4GL, SQL/ODBC compliant relational database and application development environment.

Software that grows with your business

The Unibis application is comprised of a suite of modules for the financial, distribution and manufacturing marketplace. Each can be implemented independently or in a vast number of configurations, depending upon the specifics of the enterprise.

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  • Financials

    General Ledger

    Access to data is assured through a user-definable financial report writer, and extensive ‘drill down’ facilities that will take you from a journal right through to the source data (i.e. General Ledger to Accounts Payable to Purchasing and potentially Requisitions).

    Accounts Receivable

    Flexibility to choose the self-reconciling open item or brought forward approach, and to perform cash allocation by onscreen selection, by direct entry, by range or by range with exceptions.

    Bank Reconciliation

    A complete system that allows easy management of each of your bank accounts regardless of currency or service provider, and the ability to reconcile cheques and deposits against statement transactions downloaded from your bank.

    Accounts Payable

    Maintain control of creditor payments with purchase order matching, direct voucher input, pre-payment, ASCII load or interface routine methods for data entry.

    Fixed Assets

    Ability to control physical attributes such as company, entity, department, location and classifications such as type, category and class, through drop-down validation lists and barcode-enabled asset numbers.

    Project Management

    Manage projects with the accounting functionality of a fully integrated job costing system, and record and match labour, materials and overheads with invoicing and profitability.


  • Manufacturing

    Work Order

    Manage Maintenance Module tasks down to the individual work centre, allocating stock, assigning labour and managing plant and machinery.

  • Distribution

    Inventory Management

    Manage a multi warehouse, multi-bin location structure with real-time visibility through extensive drill-down facilities of what is in stock, in QA, on order, in transit, in demand, and on back order.


    The flexibility to purchase in local or foreign currencies, create vendor product prices with units of measure and multiple suppliers, and peace of mind from audit trails for order maintenance, receipting, QA, goods return and invoice matching.

    Order Entry

    Improve customer service through fast and efficient sales order processing, and lower the administration costs of the ordering process through the flexibility to place back orders and forward orders, maintain pricing practices, and prepare invoices and the dispatch of goods.


    The ability to manage repetitive or reminder-based maintenance tasks for plant and assets, such as vehicle servicing or registration.

  • Open Systems

    The Korellus Unibis system delivers open integration across the entire organisation’s enterprise. Seamlessly integrating with your choice of business application, components and operating environments, Korellus Unibis works in union with in-house developed systems, personal applications, decision support tools, data warehouses and relational and multidimensional databases; providing organisations with the freedom to choose the optimal mix of applications to meet their exact business goals.

  • Powerful Reporting

    Unibis provides hundreds of standard Financial, Distribution and Manufacturing reports, which can be selectively included in the application menus. The report writer also allows extensive flexibility in the design and layout of your reports.

    Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities are available through our complementary Business Intelligence suite - BI which integrates to Unibis with purpose-built standard cubes available. Facilitating the more efficient use of management time and enabling dynamic
    corrective actions, BI takes the immensity out of reporting via individually defined dashboards displaying high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The use of trend graphs, dials, scorecards, alerts and exception reporting monitor and proactively notify you of any potential issues or defined targets. Access to the bigger picture is always at your fingertips by simply ‘drilling through’ to the underlying data when required.

    BI gives you the power to improve performance, create new opportunities and collaborate more effectively.

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    Unibis is built on the robust Progress platform. Over 47,000 businesses in more than 175 countries run on the Progress OpenEdge platform.



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