SAM - Customer Relationship Management

What is SAM

SAM provides your sales reps with the means to optimise field operations, connecting your sales reps to the organisation, electronically tracking every customer touch point, and enabling circular exchange of information.

SAM reduces costs and drives results throughout the entire sales cycle. From strategic management and tactical planning, through to in-store execution, market intelligence and performance analysis, SAM enables strategic management that helps you gain a competitive edge.

Why SAM?

Deliver a higher level of customer service

Sales representatives use SAM on the road to make well organised and highly focused calls. Enable your sales team to make customer-centric calls armed with customer, product, pricing, sales history and promotional information. 

React faster and smarter

While on call, sales representatives quickly and easily gather important market and customer information continuously. With SAM, this information is centrally defined, stored and shared allowing businesses to pre-empt and react in real time, not at month-end. 

Collaborate without restrictions

SAM allows the one solution to run across multiple device platforms - PDA, tablet, notebook and PC, so that each person can use the device best suited for their role. One solution across multiple device platforms eliminates the need for disparate data silos and allows the use of role-appropriate hardware. 

Eliminate unnecessary costs

The use of SAM produces significant savings in both time and money through the automation of cumbersome processes, enabling more customer-facing time. Significant reductions in cost and time-to-market for promotional and marketing material are achieved through timely electronic communications. 

Achieve greater visibility and connectivity

By connecting the sales team with business goals, SAM enables sales managers to centrally manage and define their team's focus, pushing corporate objectives and strategy out in real time. Management is given total visibility over their team and can plan customer call routes, key call objectives, campaign activities, competitor intelligence surveys, planograms and share best practices. 

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The company’s 800 strong Australia wide sales force visits between 20 and 50 customers a day and records an array of marketing information using SAM.

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"Many of our people are involved in very large projects worth millions of dollars. These projects take time for a final decision. What we wanted was a way of recording what was happening with each customer at any given point of time.”

- Toshiba International Corporation Read More

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