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An ineffective ERP system could be losing you business

Industries across Australia are facing enormous challenges with the loss of product knowledge as older team members retire leaving new team members struggling to find solutions. This means more than knowing if a part is in stock; it’s about having streamlined wholesale ERP solutions that can manage and monitor every aspect of your business both operational and strategic.

An ERP system that can do this, can give you a competitive advantage that can grow your business, and build your reputation. It also means your teams are more effective, as many tasks can be automated therefore freeing them up to provide better service to your customers.

The right business solution requires consolidation of key business functions; including managing and monitoring sales, service, marketing, finance, stock control, and customer orders all with a single solution. 

A successful automated system should:

  1. Simplify the management and distribution of stock across multiple locations

  2. Know when customer demand is changing

  3. Capture knowledge and help to retain your best people

  4. Provide flexibility when sourcing alternate product solutions

  5. Automate regular data updates, such as price changes and stock reordering

  6. Improve your cash flow by identifying slow-moving and obsolete stock

  7. Address supplier issues and opportunities.

Having this intelligence at your fingertips can place you ahead of your competitors and unlock your future potential.

An automated ERP solution that provides all of this is Markinson’s MomentumProERP.

MomentumProERP is a single ERP platform providing a streamlined solution designed for a wide variety of wholesalers to consolidate and automate key business functions. The system is adaptable to specific business requirements and is available in a range of flexible delivery options to suit business needs and budget.

MomentumProERP is delivered within five unique key business solutions:

  1. Capturing Knowledge

  2. Automation

  3. Visibility for Decision Making

  4. Scalability

  5. Customer Experience

Markinson began as a one-man business in 1986, and today is achieving continuous year-on-year growth. Their success lies in its vision to be a key partner to every clients’ transformation, and a focus on being ‘stronger together’.


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