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Looking for an ERP solution? 4 Questions to Ask

Implementing a new ERP system or overhauling an existing one requires a considerable investment of time and effort.

Where do you start?

Here are four questions to think about and to ask your vendor when evaluating an ERP system.

Does it fit our business goals?

Businesses have unique needs and varying requirements. An ERP software system that is great for one business might not suit another. While the benefits of using an ERP system may be obvious, it is important understand the functionality of the system and evaluate its alignment with user needs and business goals. Does the software help you automate the processes that your business is carrying out repetitively? Will it give your business the visibility needed to improve decision making?

How flexible is the system?

Future-proofing your ERP system is another key consideration. How are additional users added to the system and what the costs involved? What modules or add-ons are available if the business requires advanced functionality in the future? ERP systems are not solutions that you change on a whim so it is critical to invest in software that doesn’t just meet your needs today but also in the years to come.

How long does it take to implement and what is involved?

The quicker the implementation, the quicker the business starts to realise the benefits. But just as important as the time required to implement the system is, what is the vendor’s proven methodology?

What training and support is available?

To get the most out of an ERP investment, users need to be able to take advantage of its functionality. Ensuring staff are trained up on the system ensures users can work productively and are taking advantage of ways they can make their job more efficient. What training is required to get users up to speed and what ongoing training is available?

It is also wise to carefully evaluate the support available for the software. Is there 24/7 support? Is a support package in place to ensure access to technical support when needed?


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