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Meet Sandy

Sandy Iriks, Customer Success

Being the Customer Success Manager @ Markinson is the perfect role for me as my measure of success is enhancing customer interactions and the outcomes that we need to deliver for them. I like ensuring they always have a main point of contact for any of their needs and know that I act as their advocate and are their voice internally.

My background has provided a great balance as I come from being self-employed in the hospitality industry covering 6 years with a staff of 14; Uni principles and employed in small – corporate businesses. This taught me where my true passion lies – people. People are the underlying success of any venture and having a great team to work with, makes any challenge presented achievable.

A good day for me is when I have solved a challenge that a customer has. For me, it’s all about having them feel better about an issue or problem that has occurred by enabling a solution. I love talking to and helping people, and the great thing about fixing a problem is that I can use that knowledge to find ways to improve every customer’s experience.

I am passionate around challenges in and out of the office. One time I went sky diving over the Gold Coast, and yes it was terrifying. I was feeling quite brave and was all for it, until they opened the door @ 10,000 feet. I said no… I resisted… I dug my heels in…. but my support relaxed me and then we jumped, or he pushed me, it’s still not clear. Very happy to tick that off my list though.

In 2015, I completed Tough Mudder which was an amazing experience that I never want to repeat. It was 15km through, around and over obstacles. One obstacle was a shipping container full of ice which we had to swim across and another involved electric wires which we had to get through to reach the finish line. It’s great to tick these types of experience off my bucket list although I do think sometimes, I am a glutton for punishment.


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