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Process Automation for MomentumPro

Reduce the load on your people, and streamline your business with a BPA solution and MomentumPro ERP.

Crossing the Finish Line

Automate processes that are holding your business back.

Automate your repetitive, day-to-day tasks and reduce input errors while freeing up your team members to work on more productive tasks and help improve customer
service levels.

MomentumPro Business Process Automation (BPA) is the technology-enabled automation of business processes available as an add-on module to your MomentumPro ERP. Streamlining your business can result in greater efficiency, increased service quality, improved service delivery, and containment of costs.

Process Automation Dashboard example
Process Automation Dashboard on a desk


The MomentumPro BPA add-on modules provide the technology that can drive your business processes addressing three key business areas:

Greater Efficiency

  • Reduce overhead costs through workflow automation

  • Greater compliance and control with ‘set and forget’ reoccurring tasks

  • Improved collaboration through documentation automation

  • Monitor and send alerts for achieved or not achieved targets including:
    - employee expenses
    - product margin
    - sales performance
    - budgets

  • Send alerts for overdue purchase orders or deliveries

Increase Service Quality

  • Customers are more confident about your ability to deliver

  • Automatic customer
    notifications, including overdue
    invoices or over credit limit

  • Automated triggers, including emailing EOM statements, or following up sales quotes

  • Automate e-Mail Marketing Campaigns

  • Automatically distribute updated product literature and price lists

Improve Service Delivery

  • Alerts for low stock levels or purchase orders raised for low
    sale products

  • Document automation, including prescheduled delivery of sale and end of day/week/month

  • Advanced business alerts, including notifications of incomplete activities and key audit data

  • Keep customers informed about the status of backorders

  • Identify product cost increases and monitor for excessive increase and notify clients

MoPro Modules To Match Your Needs

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Streamline & automate
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