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Business Intelligence for

Monitor and manage your business data a single source of truth with real-time insights from across your entire ERP and business operation.

Crossing the Finish Line

Actionable insights from across your entire business.

MomentumProERP BI, powered by QlikView, and coupled with specific reporting packages, provides detailed data on customer and supplier transactions, sales, inventory, service, forecasting, and the general ledger for use as a part of day-to-day business planning, as well as in ongoing business growth strategies.

MomentumPro ERP Business Intelligence Dashboards - Laptop & Mobile


BI can help your business react to sales and customer opportunities quickly, as well as help direct attention to specific problem areas, without having to plough through disparate platforms and documents to find the data you need.

Sales & Inventory

  • Drill down to specific sales and inventory reports by customer,
    product, date, warehouse, sales rep and sales branch parameters

  • Reduce stock shortages,
    improve order fill rates, reduce warehouse costs and loss, and prioritise your top inventory

  • Analyse and track activity, movement by product and supplier, and refund analysis


  • Maximise sales team time in field with all the tools they need in the palm of their hand

  • Maintain data accuracy with real-time updates and synchronisation

  • Understand your suppliers by drilling down into supplier transactions and activity


  • Enhance your service delivery with immediate access to completed service performance
    and status

  • Detailed forecasting, roster analysis by day/week/month,
    and utilisation charts

MoPro Modules To Match Your Needs

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with seamless integrations

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