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What we Value

We believe our values should underpin all that we do and that is why we refresh them regularly. Our values were reviewed recently and summarised into 5 key statements that represent what Markinson stands for.

They are:

Stronger Together: By working together we can make the biggest difference with our clients, partners and our team members. We are on a journey together for the long term.

Performance is our Reality: We are each responsible for how we perform and how our software performs. We track our success by the businesses we transform.

Our Word is our Bond: Our commitment is what transform a promise into reality. We do what we say we will do, on time and to a high standard. Our commitment is absolute.

Curiosity is Key: We are curious about everything. We enjoy learning and sharing our knowledge bringing insights and experience to every conversation.

Transformation is Everywhere: We have a drive to lead change based on our continued commitment to transformation. We are always asking “How can we do this better?”

Over the coming weeks and months we will be sharing stories of where and how the Markinson team live these values every day.


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